Hello, 2015

1:59 PM

It's official.  Just when we think that parenting can't get any harder, the Universe doubles down.  Last week, our school had over 100 absences in one day, and between 60-70 absences every day the rest of the week.  Our students were hit with a mutated strain of the flu that was not vaccinated against this year, a wicked stomach virus, and strep throat.  And Hershey and I brought all 3 home with us.  The Trifecta.
That being said, I thought that this would be a good time to start thinking about what we are looking FORWARD to in 2015, considering the last 5 days have pretty much been Hell on Earth in the Groff household.
Vacation.  The first thing that I'm looking forward to this year is VACATION.  This could be a double-edged sword because we are flying to Florida, which will be my 4th time on an airplane (I don't fly well), and the girls' first time!  But I am looking forward to some much-needed R&R and sunshine.  I dragged the girls out onto our back deck for exactly 37 seconds today just to get some fresh (27 degree) air.  Blech.
Birthdays.  I am also looking forward to Jane and Emma's second birthdays.  We were unable to have a birthday party for them last year, so I am excited to be able to throw them a huge bash this year, and the fact that they will UNDERSTAND it will be priceless!
Potty Training.  This is both exciting and terrifying for me.  I haven't had much luck so far in this category, but I'm slowly but surely putting supports in place to get them going pee pee on the potty as quickly as possible.  I'm so OVER double diaper duty (and the expense that comes with buying diapers, sorry Amazon Mom, no more Huggies Little Movers for us!).
Summer Break!  This one is huge, because I get to sit in my hammock, do some gardening, and focus on my mommying and my blogging.  Special bonus - LESS ILLNESSES!  And a round of applause for that please...
Emma Claps
Plus, I'll get to spend more time with these two crazies who, when they're not sick, are a barrel of laughs nowadays...
Locked up
What are you all looking forward to this year?  I'd love to hear from you!
I hope that you are all doing better than we are over here in Boogerville.  As Jane and Emma say, "NA-NIIIIGHT!"  xoxo

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