Baby It's Cold...Inside?

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Cold and flu season is in FULL SWING here in freezing cold NJ, and the Groff household has taken a serious hit. As I alluded to in the last post, Hershey had the flu, Emma and I both had a stomach virus (Emma's virus landed us in the ER at 1:00 in the morning), and Jane had strep throat.  Poor all of us.
Sicky Boo
The part that really stinks extra about the girls being sick this year is that they totally know that something is wrong, that something is hurting, but they don't know how to tell us.  Which results in a lot of whining, wailing, and reaching out to us screaming "UPPP UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!"  I swear, one day I felt like I had lifted weights all day long after putting the twincesses to sleep.
And they are BORED.  I've started breaking out the emergency Christmas toys because they've been home for a week and they are literally climbing the walls.
Emma Upside Down
Blown Away
It was really fun when the balls all rolled under the couch and when I turned on the elephant a volcano of Cheerios came flying out.  Hmm...
Whenever we are all sick, I find myself going back to the same few comfort items to help relieve the ick.  This time around, it's been over a week that one and/or all of us have been sick, so I'm starting to go to desperate measures.  One blogger who I follow, Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teethposted a couple of natural remedies that she swears by, and Hershey came home tonight to me swallowing garlic by the clove.  A little voodoo anyone?
Here's what I rely on (religiously) to get us through the snot.
Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.  We have one in each bedroom.  They are a bit of a PITA because we have to empty them and refill them every night, and it's important to sanitize them once a week (I spend about 15 minutes every weekend doing this step, and I'm not even sure that what I'm doing is always the right way), but I think that they're totally worth it.  Emma and Jane have been snot-mongers since day one of daycare, but it's always coming OUT instead of compacting IN. I contribute that partially to the humidifiers.  Plus, they help with the winter dry skins.
Vicks BabyRub.  I definitely follow the directions and rub on the girls' necks, chests, shoulders, and backs, but an old wive's tale says to also rub it on the bottoms of their feets and put on socks, so we do that, too.  I swear it helps them sleep easier through the night when they are stuffy.
Boogie Wipes .  These are so much easier on the girls' sore little nosies.  I feel so bad wiping and wiping at their raw nostrils, and the saline in these makes it somewhat easier on them (and me!).
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.  Hershey and I eat it with crusty bread and butter and dip the bread in the juice, but I strain most of the liquid out for the girls and serve with toast squares.  Either way, we put Parmesan cheese on it and it is so delicious!  I love this recipe.
Chicken Noodle Soup
Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer.  This thing was a LIFE SAVER for this past illness.  I hated having to take rectal temps.  Be sure to allow the thermometer a couple of minutes in between readings to re-calibrate.  Whatever that means.
TEA TEA TEA.  Cammomile tea.  And honey.  I give the girls spoonfuls of warm tea and a teaspoon of honey whenever their throats seem to be hurting them.  I swear it works wonders.
The only other advice that I have to get you through this disgusting season is to bundle up and get lots of Elmo on your Netflix.  The girls are finally at a point where I can lay on the couch and snuggle with them under a blankie for about 20 minutes at a time, and that is the best part of my day.
What are you doing to survive this nasty cold and flu season?  I'd love to hear from you!
Have a great weekend, friends!  xoxo

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