Happy Bunny Day!

Hi everyone! First and foremost, HAPPY BEST CANDY DAY OF THE YEAR!  (aka Easter).

Before we go any further, I would like to take a moment of silence for our fallen Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders.


We really loved those little guys.

We had a great run, and last night I popped those puppies open to see if I could figure out a better way to clean them, and what I found was worthy of an R-rated horror flick - Stephen King style.  I mean, seriously guys, I almost barfed.

I was then horrified that I have been giving those to my daughters twice a day every day.  O.M.GEE!  The party's over.  Good thing that the girls are starting to move on to nommy-nomming on real chunks of fruit.  I'll pick up a couple of new ones for when their little teefies are hurting them, but the ick factor doesn't make me want to run out and start giving them to them as often as I used to.


There goes our guaranteed 40 minutes of silence a day.

On to more fun and exciting topics.  IT'S EASTER!

~Disclaimer:  I take no responsibility for my outfit or my hair in the following video.  I had gotten 8 hours of sleep since Thursday due to the fact that Hershey had been fishing all weekend and Emma and Jane decided to tag team who could keep Mama up the longest each night.  Jane won, but Emma sure did give her a run for her money!  I do, however, take full credit for the adorable kids and the kitty cam as Tyson comes in to investigate as soon as I walked out of the room...~

The video is cut short because, well, I can only hold one camera AND keep the girls from eating the fake grass at the same time.

I filled the fake eggs with Puffs and Jane and Emma shakey-shake their little hearts out, until they get hungry from all of that shaking, at which point I simply bust open an egg and throw some puffs around like beads at Mardi Gras.  Anything to keep them from making that whining noise...

Later that day, we made our way to my Nanni's house.  Packing for a whole afternoon out can be tricky, so here's how I did it.

I always put together 4 bags (minimum).  One bag full of the girls' favorite toys, diaper bag, cooler bag, and bottle cooler bag.  Here's what it looks like:

It's insane, but it works.  Then at least I KNOW where everything is when I get to my destination, which is important when the Twincess Tornado blows into town!

And if you're wondering what that cooler bag is that holds ALL of the ladies' fave foods (and dishes AND utensils), it's a YakPak.  If you haven't seen one before, you can find it here.  It is AWESOME.  I received my YakPak in December.  I had been carting my own lunches around in it for a while, and now it carts Jane and Emma's dinners when we go out to try to be social, too.  It's the bee's knees!

In fact, I love my YakPak so much that I have teamed with the makers of this product to host a way cool giveaway!  Here's what you need to do:

I hope that you all had a wonderful and relaxing Easter holiday weekend with those you love, whether you celebrate Easter or not (or if you just celebrate the Easter candy, like me).

Please don't forget to vote!!  Happy {almost} hump day!


This review was made possible by YakPak. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Please do not use, copy, pin or share any pictures of Jane and Emma.

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T-1 Month

I cannot believe it.  My babies are going to be one year old in less than a month!  Where does time go?!


Measurements (as of March 4 - Next Pediatrician appointment isn't until next month!)
Weight:  17 lbs 3 oz  
Height:  26.75"  Head size:  46.3cm
Diaper size:  4
Clothing Size:  12-18 months
Teeth:  3 (2 top, 1 bottom)
Fave foods:  Annie's mac n' cheese, pierogies, cheerios
Fave toys:  Any kind of ball that she can shake n' throw; Daddy's iPhone 5; Apple TV remote
Favorite thing to do:  Walk around and around in circles; jump on the furniture; 
dance like no one is watching; clap hands
Least favorite thing to do:  Sit still - she now cries hysterically (tears and all!) after 5 minutes in her Exersaucer
Major Milestones for This Month:  Eating solids - no more baby food purees for this gal! and clapping hands


Measurements (as of March 4 - Next Pediatrician appointment isn't until next month!)
Weight:  18 lbs 4 oz
Height:  27.5"  Head size:  46.1 cm
Diaper size:  4
Clothing Size:  12-18 months
Teeth:  Both top front, bottom is breaking through
Fave foods:  Pierogies, grilled cheese, Cheerios
Favorite thing to do:  Go anywhere I say "NO" to; look at herself in the mirror; 
rip all of her books out of her bookshelves
Least favorite thing to do:  Also sit still - she screams like a lunatic at the top of her lungs until we set her free
Major Milestones for This Month:  Eating solid foods; screaming "Mama!" while standing up in her crib near the door until I come into the nursery to pick her up


These two kids are crazy beautiful and I fall more and more in love with them every day.  In other news, here's what we are up to.

1.  I'm busy organizing our lives.  I fell in love with this organization QUEEN and ordered her household binder printables from her Etsy shop and am eagerly awaiting my digital download.  I bought a binder and began organizing our little life.

2.  SPRING BREAK BABY!!!!!!!!  Hershey and I are off for the rest of this week, so we have lots of fun planned for the girls, complete with trips to zoos and wildlife centers, family gatherings, and a visit with Aunt Heather.  I also CANNOT WAIT to put their Easter baskets together and give them to them on Sunday morning.  

3.  We are working on breaking down/cleaning every single little thing in our apartment and purging anything that we don't use often/don't need, and I have a "to do" list a mile long for projects that I want to start working on because....

We kept looking for a new house after the heartbreak of the deal falling apart last month, but we could NOT find anything comparable.  So we went back to the seller and hashed out a deal that we all could live with, and we will be closing on our home sometime in May.  We are now packing like crazy, which is really fun with 2 eleven-month olds running around and getting into everything (can you sense the sarcasm?).

It's been a big, wild month for our little family, and even though we have been stressed to the max, I know that it will all be worth it in the end.  Just think, one month from now we will be celebrating our babies' first birthdays in our own home with all of our friends and family.  We are so blessed.

What's going on with you all?  I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great week!  And please don't forget to click the links below to vote!  Remember, all you have to do is click.  xoxo

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With Jane and Emma's first Easter just around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to let you all in on a little secret.  

I <3 EASTER CANDY!  I used to look forward to the Easter baskets that the "Easter Bunny" would bring.  I would be on a 3 day sugar high afterwards from eating all of the Peeps, Robin's Eggs, chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans.  I even have a stash of Robin's Eggs in my desk drawer right now, and I still start buying/eating-the-crap-out-of Cadbury Eggs the second they hit the shelves in February.  

Therefore, I decided to start the Easter basket tradition EARLY with Jane and Emma, and although they cannot eat candy, I have bought a whole bunch of other goodies to stock their little baskets full of.

And speaking of baskets, since my mother has always been a big basket collector, I asked her to dig through her collection to find 2 similar baskets for the twincesses.  She was able to unearth the two baskets that we borrowed to hold our programs at our wedding, complete with the ribbons used to adorn them for the event!  What amazing keepsakes for the girls!

As you all already know, I am an Amazon-holic.  I purchased the books, squeezy blocks, alphabet links, and teething lambies on Amazon.  

The rest of the goodies I purchased at Target.  Overall I would say I spent about less than $30 on each basket.  I found the grass and the little basket weave purses in the Dollar Spot, the eggs (which I will be filling with puffs and maybe a couple of headbands) were $5 for 6, and the sippy cups and plush dolls were about $3 each.  

As a child, I was a HUGE fan of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (which I have in duplicate for Jane and Emma and read to them once a week), so I was super psyched when I found Happy Easter, Mouse!  Duck & Goose was just an added bonus because it's ADORABLE!

Jane and Emma are starting to make connections and really understand things, so I hope that they fall in love with all of these goodies (and this holiday) as much as I have!

What traditions are you starting with your little ones this year?  I'd love to hear from you!

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