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2:57 PM

I have a confession to make:  I'm an impulse buyer.  I have an impulsive personality and I have a tendency to make impulsive purchases.  

My one redeeming quality is my thirst for knowledge.  So I do USUALLY research things to the bone before buying them.  As I did when I was looking for a baby food cookbook when Jane and Emma reached solid foods age.  

Looking back, I now realize that as much as I love Annabel Karmel, in retrospect I probably could have gotten recipes by simply Googling them.  For free. 

How did I figure this out, you ask?  

Well, at our last check up, the doctor told me that it was time to start giving Jane and Emma "table foods".  She did not really elaborate on what that meant, but I pictured in my head handing them a chicken leg from my plate as I would the family dog.  But that couldn't be right, I figured, because the doctor followed her advice with "But no salt or sugar or honey."  Hmph.  That's what I cook ALL "table foods" with.

I promptly went home and Googled.  

The following is my list of favorite go-to Google-found baby food recipe sites.  I use them for IDEAS, and then I do my own thang.  

Homemade Baby Food Recipes.  A compilation of recipes from firsts to fulls. 

Momtastic's Wholesome Homemade Baby Food.  I love this site because it gives you nutritional facts along with awesome, easy recipes.  

Baby Food Recipes by Annabel Karmel.  No kidding.

Weelicious.  First, I love the name.  Second, you can search by ingredient and then narrow by meal, cook time, etc.  It's so quick and easy!

Pinterest Baby Food Recipes Board.  When all else fails, consult Pinterest. 

Currently, Jane and Emma's favorite "table foods" are grilled cheese, pasta primavera, French toast, and chicken and rice.  They seem to have some sort of milk and egg sensitivity, so I tweak recipes as much as possible, attempting to maintain the integrity of the food that I'm cooking for them.  I also use whole wheat everything I can, and although everything I have read has said to give them brown rice, I give them limited amounts of white basmati rice and haven't had any issues. 

Today the girls had a chicken and bread sauce recipe from the Homemade Baby Foods website over white rice that I made with sodium free chicken broth instead of water.  I also steamed some peas and added them to their bowl.  As you can see, they were happy customers.

Hope this helps in your quest to feed your littluns just right!

Have a great weekend!  xoxo

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