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Life has been busy over here in Jane&EmmaVille.  We have been busily back to the house hunt, and the girls have been growing in leaps and bounds as we quickly approach their ONE YEAR mark!!!

First and foremost, the twincesses have been giving us a run for our money.  Literally!  They are allllll over the place.  No longer happy in their exersaucers, they now cruise all around the living room, and have both begun pulling their knees up under themselves to crawl, and they get from point A to point B with a quickness.  

They also now pull themselves up to standing every chance they get.  This week, Hershey lowered their crib mattresses all of the way to the lowest setting, which means that I have to actually take my feet off of the floor to reach them if they are backed up against the back of the crib.  But that's better than them falling out of their cribs, which they were close to doing.  We also had to take down their adorable mobiles, which felt like the end of an era.  But they were cruising on over to the mobiles and grabbing the little animals and ripping away at them, and I kept having visions of the mobile flying off of the crib and smashing them in the face.  No mas mobiles.

Jane's top right tooth is all of the way in, and both of Emma's teeth have presented themselves.  Emma blows raspberries and makes stank face, and Janey smacks her lips and babbles up a storm.  I just purchased a good crib rail cover since they are chewing up their future foot boards, and my bestie is giving me her daughter's old cover to save me a couple of beans.  

We have also decided to move Jane and Emma's baptism back.  We are hoping to be able to purchase a home and close before their first birthdays, and so we are going to move their baptism to the end of June so that we can hold a reception and have all of our friends/family there.  Our little group of friends is multiplying by the DAY it feels like, so it is so important to us to have everyone there. 

Speaking of lots of babies, we got to have an awesome play date with baby Olivia yesterday.  We have been working on wearing the girls out, since they are learning new skills every day now, and I've had them out every single day since Saturday.  Saturday my sister-in-law and I took them shopping to buy them some sneaks and then to the diner (which they did GREAT at!); Sunday I took them to a good friend's baby shower (another little girl to add to our group!); Monday we went to look at a house; Tuesday I took them for a little walk to see the ducks and geese at a nearby park.

And yesterday we went for an hour and a half walk with Erin and Olivia.  It was awesome!

This leads me to our next big change:  BED TIME!  Last week, Jane and Emma started waking up 15 minutes earlier every day, until they were waking up at 4:15 a.m.  Part of this I contribute to the teething.  They are like little rabid babies right now.  But you know I was NOT HAVIN THAT ISH, so we are now putting them to bed at 8:00.  Which is a double-edged sword. 

First, I'm so stoked to have the extra hour with them after work.  Before, it felt like I was coming home to feed them, bathe them, and put them to bed.  With the days lasting a little bit longer, it's nice to have that extra hour to get outside with them and see the wonder on their little round faces as they hear a goose honk for the first time.

HOWEVER, I now find myself staying up LATER.  Which is no bueno, considering I still have to get up at 5:45 a.m. to head them off before they wake up leaving myself enough time to get a cup of coffee down my craw.  That's the most important part of my day. 

Today Janey exhibited her knowledge of waving bye-bye, and wowed us all with her hand-clapping trick (video is posted on Facebook).  We have been having so much fun teaching them things and watching how fast they can pick up new skills.  It's unbelievable!

Hope you are all enjoying this B-E-A-YOOOOTIFUL weather that we have been having.  Today was a rainy day, but we always need those April showers to bring May flowers.  And boy, am I ready!  


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