Who Doesn't Love a Play Date?!

9:28 PM

Jane and Emma are changing EVERY DAY now.  It's unreal.  Last weekend, we were lucky enough to finally be able to have a play date with some of our besties, who have a daughter 6 months younger than Jane and Emma.  It was the MOST FUN EVER (for babies AND mamas and daddies).

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I mean, look at this little cutie!!!

You may remember Olivia's mama from this post.  

After the kids went to bed, we got to drink some "lemonade" and talk about how crazy it is that we all have kids now and they were all sleeping in the nursery peacefully together.  It still blows my mind!

The really fun part about this month is all of the things that the girls are learning and how quickly they are becoming little KIDS!  They can pull themselves up to standing, creep all around the perimeter of the living room, going from one piece of furniture to the next, and Emma has finally gotten her knees up under herself to crawl.  Jane is babbling ("dadadada" -- so unfair) and pulling herself up to standing in her crib, and both girls are getting teeth in on the fly!  They are into LITERALLY everything now, and I'm just trying to figure out how far to go to baby-proof our apartment when we are still diligently searching for a home...

 SkipHop Foam Floor Mat (I'm pretty sure they discontinued this color scheme, but there is a similar mat here).

On Saturday, I decided to get brave and make the twincesses grilled cheese for lunch.  I slapped some cheddar cheese between a couple of slices of whole wheat bread and grilled it on the stove top.  I cut it up into really small pieces (nothing bigger than a pea!) and gave them that, some actual steamed peas, and their sippy cups and fully intended on cleaning the kitchen as they fed themselves lunch, but then stood there and cried like a crazy person and took pictures as I realized that they are becoming so much more independent and soon won't need my help anymore!  Now THIS is a milestone, people!

This weekend we have a date with Aunt Heather to have our very first restaurant experience, and we are going to be visiting Stride Rite to get walking shoes and little sneaks for the girls.  While most docs will suggest that bare feets are the best for learning to walk, I can't imagine just taking Jane and Emma out with no shoes on unless we were going to the beach.  Right?

Hope you are all having a great week!  Happy Hump Day!

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