10:08 PM

I am SO PLEASED to announce that the winner of the GooseWaddle blanket giveaway is JILL MORAN!  This sassy diva is one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world's mama-dukes, and I KNOW she will put these blankies to great use, as she's got lots of babies to surround her with love and happiness.  Plus, she's always the FIRST to read and like my posts, so she totes deserves this!  CONGRATS MAMA!

Now for some bad news.  As house-hunting goes, every once in a while, you get lucky.  And sometimes you get your heart broken.  

Our deal fell apart today.  There were some pretty major issues with the septic system on the property, and the seller was not willing to pitch in the money to get it fixed.  We simply cannot foot a $30,000 bill for a brand new septic system, so we had to walk away from the home.  It was so devastating, but the good news is, we had these beauties to come home to, and that made it that much easier to begin the hunt again, knowing that we are on the prowl for the perfect place for them to hang their little baby headbands.   

And for that, Janey-boo was happy!

I'll continue to update you all on the process as we search for the perfect perfect-for-us home.  Tonight, we drown our sorrows in lemonade.  *winky emoticon*

Have a great weekend!  xoxo

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