2015 Resolutions

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Each new year brings with it the chance to start over.  I’m not quite sure where “New Year ‘s Resolutions” originated, but I like them.  I like the thought of clearing the cobwebs and thinking about what matters to me and reevaluating my goals for the year.

Last year, I promised to pump the brakes.  To slow it down, and enjoy my life a little bit more.  Looking back, I’m not sure that I did that.  Life with twin toddlers makes it really difficult to slow down sometimes, especially when they are busy tearing circles around you.
This year, when I sat down to think about my goals, I decided that one word was not enough.  I needed to really think about what I wanted to change about myself, and about the world in which I am living.  I was able to narrow it down to a few things.
Health.  I have been warring with my weight for quite a few years now.  I hate working out, and I hate eating healthy.  I am a foodie, and a couch potato.  When I get home from work, all I want to do is veg out, but I have 2 kids to take care of, a home to manage, dinner to cook, and friends to catch up with.  So by the time Jane and Emma hit the sack, I can’t do anything but crash on the couch and watch some trashy TV (we are loving “Vanderpump Rules” right now!).  However, it’s getting harder and harder to pick the girls up, and I’m exhausted most of the time.  As you can tell from my Pinterest boards, I’ve started clean eating.  I’m enjoying it so far, and I’ve lost about 10 lbs.  My goal is to lose 5 lbs a month until we go on vacation in April, and then to maintain a healthy weight after that.  I’d also really like to incorporate a walk into our daily routine once the weather starts to cooperate!  Until then, maybe I can hook up my Wii Fit (finally?!)??
Peace of Mind.  I’ve always struggled with peace of mind.  In fact, since becoming a mother, I break out into hives at least once a day due to stress.  I’ve been really trying to let things go, and take a few breaths before responding.  I think peace of mind is one of the most difficult things to achieve, especially as a parent.  When the twins are crazy and screaming and both of them are teething or “going through a phase” or are sick and are just inconsolable, as they both hurl their dinners onto the floor for the 285th time, I find it really hard to keep my cool, and I end up actually really losing it once in a while.  I’d like to find a way to tune out the chaos, and find some serenity.
Spending Quality Time with Friends and Family.  Hershey and I lead a crazy busy life.  Three days a week we are running the girls to and from day care.  We both teach high school (he teaches history, I teach English). I advise the sophomore class and a media club.  Hershey advises Model UN and coaches girls’ basketball.  We eat about 3-4 meals a week together as a family right now (mostly dinners), and we can rarely find time for each other, let alone anyone else.  But we are very aware of the void in our lives that our friends and family leave when we cannot spend time with them.  So this year, we have vowed to spend more time together as a family (less time on devices), and more time with our friends and extended family.  Plus, Hershey and I are excited to welcome our new little nephew in May, and how can we keep Jane and Emma from their baby cousin?!
A Clean and Welcoming Home.  How is this possible with twin tornadoes in the house?  I’ve been really trying to teach Jane and Emma how to clean up after themselves, and the importance of turning lights off and putting their toys away.  I even started to teach them how to use a napkin this week!  This is our sanctuary.  It’s where we come to be together, and to get away from the chaos of the outside world.  I want to come home to a place that is serene, and smells nice!  To help me along with this resolution, I will be dedicating at least one pin each week in my 6 Pin Sunday series to cleanliness or organizing every week.
What were your resolutions this year?  How do you decide what’s important, and how do you make sure that your resolutions don’t fade come February?
I hope that you all enjoyed the free snow day on Tuesday, or are all dug out, or are snug and cozy in your home!  We’ll be back on Sunday with our newest 6 Pin Sunday post.  If you want a little preview of what we’ll be reviewing, take a peek at our 6 Pin Sunday Pinterest board!
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