Sum-Sum-Summer Time

4:25 PM


Here in Jane-and-Emma-land (since that's what we call it due to the fact that it is THEIR world and Hershey and I are just livin in it, or surviving barely), our summer schedule has actually been pretty tame.  Here's a peek at our day.

7:00-7:30 // Rise and Shine!  The most adorable thing EVER is when I get one girl up, she runs full speed into the other's room when I open the door and sticks her hand through the bars of the crib to say good morning!  It's so super sweet.

7:45 // Milk from a sippy.  The girls WILL NOT drink plain milk, so Jane has chocolate milk and Emma has strawberry.  The ped told me NOT to do that, but it's the only way they will drink any kind of milk, regular, almond, rice, or other...

8:00 // Breakfast with Mama (usually an omelette, waffle, pancakes, turkey bacon, chocolate chip muffin tops, Cheerios, fresh fruit, all of the above or some of the above, the rest of which goes to the animals out in our yard).

8:30 // Play time while Mama cleans up the kitchen and Jane and Emma help (and by "help" I mean open and close the dishwasher 273 times, grab for knives as Mama dives and swallows her heart, and walk around and around in circles, screaming and throwing every toy they own on the floor directly in Mama's path).

9:00 // Neighborhood walk!  We take a 2 mile loop down to a beautiful lake across the way and back.  We stop at the lake for a snack and some iced water, and then we start the STEEP climb back up all of the hills (6 total) to get home.

10:00 // KITCHEN SNACK TIME!  We share some cool melon, cherry pie, fresh banana bread, etc. on the floor of the kitchen, while sipping on some iced water and climbing all over Mama.  Then the girls run wild for about 2 minutes, wearing down their energy and getting ready for their nap.

10:30-12:30 // Nap time.  Now, I don't know how other mommies have MOMMY time during nap time.  When the girls go down for their nap, Hershey and I start scrambling to shower, water flowers, paint rooms, unpack a few remaining boxes, pay bills, and whatever other house work we have on the schedule for the day.  Shit's cray.

12:45 // LUNCH.  The girls have been eating everything that I put in front of them lately, which makes it easy to have lunchies every day.  They have turkey dogs (with the skins peeled off), pb&j, tuna samiches, leftover chicken from the night before, veggie burgers, chicken nuggets, fish sticks.  Basically whatever I pull out of the fridge.  I still try to really balance each meal, with a starch, a dairy, a veggie and a fruit.  Especially since they are not getting very much milk at allllll these days...

1:30-3:30 // Play time, errands with Mama and Daddy, and hopefully soon we will have some lake time!  The lake is literally less than a mile away, and we finally joined and are excited to bring a lunch and some swimmies and jump in that lake.  In the meantime, we have a swingset with these swings (which Grandma also bought for the shore house) and our friends gave the girls an amazing little slide/climbing wall that they love to climb all over, and we bought them a little blow up pool.  Our backyard is HUGE, so we have been having fun outfitting it for the girls to have some fun in the sun.

DTS with Daddy

3:30-4:30 // Nap time again!  This is when I unwind finally.  I pick up the mess, and sit down with my husband, or start prepping dinner.  

4:30 //  Snack time and play time!  Snacks range these days from cheese sticks, to Puffs, to Animal Crackers, to applesauce squeezers, to yogurt squeezers, anything that they can grab and go, because they are ALWAYS on the go.

5:30 // CRANKY TIME!  As always, 5:30 is the girls' witching hour.  It also happens to be when we start cooking, so it's a war every night to either pay attention to the girls or make dinner, or both.  It's a balancing act, as Hershey is usually out by the grill and I am prepping in the kitchen, but they are so happy and so are we when we finally punt them into their high chairs and sit down to a family meal.

6:00 // Dinner YAYYYYY.  No matter what I plunk in front of Jane and Emma, they gobble it up.  They are eating everything that we eat now, so Hershey and I take turns cutting up food and shoveling food into our own pie holes. Then we have some fresh fruit or ice cream for dessert, and the girls march their little dirty heinies up the stairs to the bathroom for...

6:30 // BATH TIIIMEEE!!!!  The girls splash and play in the tub, try to stand up 8365 times and give me a heart attack by diving for a toy and going under water as I try to wash their hair.  They love bath time, but it has become a full contact sport for me.  They then run around naked for about 34 seconds, because naked time was cut off when Jane shit on the rug and played in it during naked time a couple of weeks ago.  Instead of naked time, we now have get-that-effing-diaper-on-your-butt-as-quickly-as-possible time.

After their bath, the girls play in their rooms, marching back and forth with their toys and their choopies as Hershey and I collapse onto the floor, and at 7:45 we read them a story and put them down to sleep.  And they have been sleeping, pretty much through the night, every night.

We then take about 45 minutes to clean up after Hurricane EJ, and then run into the man cave to watch Orange is the New Black (which we finished) or any other movie or show we can find.

That's just a taste of what our summer has been like so far.  We have also been totally breaking our schedule by going to parties, going DTS, having friends over, and shopping tirelessly for finishing touches for our home.  I feel like the summer is already FLYING by, but I can honestly say that I am enjoying every second of being a SAHM.  I wish I never had to go back to work!  

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and lazy summer days!  Although I don't blog as much now, I am continuing to update everyone on Twitter, Instagram, and on our Facebook fan page, so please be sure to follow us there!  See you soon! 


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