A Lot Can Happen in a Month!

10:15 AM

Holy shizolly, guys.  It's been ALMOST ONE WHOLE MONTH since my last blog post.  Some serious ish has gone down in that time.  Here's a quick run-down:

First and foremost, we FINALLY closed on our home!  YAAAYYYYY!  I am so excited that I could do front somersault round-offs.  It was a CRAZY time for us.  We were originally supposed to close on May 16, but due to some issues with work that we were having done on the house prior to closing, the closing was pushed back a trillion times.  We had scheduled the girls' baptism (finally) for June 7, thinking we would be in the house and be able to work on it, paint, etc., prior to moving in, but as Murphy's law goes, THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN.  We closed on June 3.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Here's how we were living up to that day.

On June 3 we signed a bunch of papers, threw everything alive into 3 cars, and drove up to our new home in a torrential downpour.  The girls were a mess from not napping all day, the cats pooped and puked all over their carriers, and my poor husband had to transport a 1,000 lb. BBQ grill in the bed of his father's truck in the pouring rain.  It was FUN.

Our first night in the new house was awesome.  The girls slept THROUGH THE NIGHT for the first time in EVER in their own rooms, and we slept for about 6 blissful hours before waking up and immediately getting to work.  There were 29380236 deliveries that next day, plus I had to head back to our old apartment to clean and get the remainder of our junk out.

Then our POD was delivered.  My husband had packed it from front to back, top to bottom.  WOAH guys.  Thank God for best friends/family, because my hubby, father, father-in-law, best friend, her hubby and her cousin unpacked this thing in 45 minutes flat.  We had meticulously labeled each and every box for what room we thought stuff belonged in, but we hadn't been inside of the house in 3 months.  So crap inevitably ended up where it didn't belong.  Don't look in the closets in the basement.  Just don't.

We spent the next 2 days trying to sort/unravel our lives before the party.  I was so happy/tired, and Jane and Emma seemed to LOVE their new home.  Our moms were exhausted from chasing them all week and helping us clean/unpack, and we were exhausted and beaten and bruised from the move, but we got it almost finished in time for the baptism!

On June 7, the girls were baptized.

We had a beautiful day, beautiful weather, and I cannot describe to you how awesome it was to have all of our friends and family, at least 50 deep, at our new home to celebrate our daughters.  We made some amazing first memories in our new home, from Jane peeing all over everything in sight during naked time, to my best friend's son getting his head stuck in one of our yard games, it was an incredible first week.

Then, finals started at school.  We had made it through our first year as working parents.

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind, but in a good way.  Jane and Emma are RUNNING everywhere.  They are very independent little ladies.  Their front toofs are in, and they can point at things when you ask them where they are.  Emma's favorite thing to point to is Tyson.  Tyson is not amused.

The girls are also off of formula now, and so we have begun our daily fight to drink milk.  Jane will only drink it if it is warm or has chocolate in it (she guzzles chocolate milk like a frat boy).  Emma will only drink it warm and from a bottle, so she's only been getting one bottle a day.  After next week, we are taking the bottles awayyyy...

In the meantime, Jane and Emma are BIZ-Y...and keeping Mama and Daddy Busy with a capital B, as well.

Jane and Emma have been sleeping every night through the night.  No more waking up in the middle of the night or waking each other up.  Everyone thought that they would be sad to be separated, but it seems to be quite the contrary.  They sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and go running into each other's rooms to say good morning.  They even have been sleeping a little bit later, and going to bed a little bit earlier, giving Hershey and I some much-needed Mama/Daddy time.  We are able to work on the house a bit, tackling a small project (or a large one) every night.

As of Monday, we will officially be off for summer.  You can expect many more blog posts, and lots of adventures.  Hopefully we can even share a few home improvement projects along the way, as well.

Hope you are all soaking up the last bits of spring as summer is at our doorstep.  We will be BBQ'ing our little hearts out this weekend!

See you soon!  xoxox
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