Bad Day to be a Clam

10:37 PM

A few years ago, I stumbled into a very informal clambake at a restaurant and always thought it would be fun to have one in a backyard during the summer.  Well, Baby made my dreams come true, and yesterday we hosted our first clambake. 

We ordered 500 littleneck clams, 4 dozen blue claw crabs, and 4 pounds of shrimp, and got to work!  I found a really easy recipe on Pinterest, whipped up a batch of spiked lemonade, and about 25 of our closest friends and their kids all gathered at our abode for a day of games, chatting, napping, and NOMMING!

I even got to sneak in some clams and fun, myself!

(Photos courtesy of my amazing friend, Krystle)

Jane and Emma had the TIME of their little LIVES!  Janey hammed it up and flirted with EVERYONE...

While Emmy rummaged through everyone's belongings, and even got into the adult beverage stash!

It was awesome to have everyone at our place, relaxing, knowing that all of the kiddies were not only entertained, but 100% cared for and watched after.  

And we FINALLY were able to get a shot of the kids all together right before adult time ensued.  Ryan was the only one who was so pooped out by all of the excitement that he couldn't stay awake, so it turned into a chick pic (plus little Luke in Lindsay's belly and Baby G in Alie's!).  These girls were ready to PARRTTYYY!

Once the kids went to Sleepytown (we literally packed kids into almost every room in the house and then all ran outside!), we had some serious adult fun time.  Trust me, when you get four babies and one 4 year old to bed all at the same time in the same house, that's enough reason to party in and of itself.

Thank goodness that I have a very patient husband who is always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that my every whim is made a reality.  He slaved over that grill all day making burgers and hot dogs for all of our guests.  When we finally rolled into bed at 2:30 a.m., my best friend and her family snuggled together in the basement, every bone in my body hurt, right down to my toes.  

And that, my friends, is how you know that you had a damn good time.

What other kinds of fun parties are you throwing this summer?

Hope you all have a great week!


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