Because I'm HAPPYYYY...

11:09 PM

In life, it is so important to have people by your side to bear witness.  Many people have touched my life while passing through, but there are only a select few who have known me through good and bad and thick and thin, and I am so lucky to call those people my friends -- no, my family. 

The part that makes me seriously Happy-Like-Pharell is that my kids get to have awesome friends just like mine.  And I know that because my friends all have kids who are the same age as my kids.  

This post is dedicated to my family -- my friends who have become my sisters and my brothers.  People who are not tied to me by blood, but who have stuck by my side through some really great and really tragic times in my life regardless.  Growing up and moving around so much as an only child was lonely, so I am so unbelievably grateful to know that my daughters not only have a home to grow up in now, but also a  built in network of friends who will always just be a phone call away.  People who they can share stories with and who they can roll their eyes at their cray-cray parents with.  

It is so much fun to watch Jane and Emma forming this bond with their friends already, even at this young age.  But the most fun part is to stand beside my best friends, my sistahs-from-another-mistahs, and watch our children together.  To hold each other's kids.  To watch my kids form bonds with these people who I have grown to love so incredibly much.  I could not survive this life without them, and Jane and Emma are so blessed to have them in their little lives.

Get ready for cuteness overload...

This weekend we are hosting our first ever clam bake with our familyfriends.  Pray for me.  

Hope you all had a great weekend, and cheers to it almost being the weekend!


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