V-Day Breakdown

5:09 PM

Happy Post Valentine's Day!  

I haven't quite figured out how I feel about this holiday yet.  Before I met Hershey, I had a love/hate relationship with it.  I loved love, but I hated to be alone.  I would often venture out to dinner with a close girlfriend and we would point and laugh at all of the cheesy couples.  When Hershey and I got together, we would do things for Valentine's Day, like visit museums.  We would go out to dinner, but usually a few days after V-Day to avoid all of the crowds.

Once we got married, we basically stopped celebrating the day.  I would buy him anything Reese's peanut butter cup I could find in heart shapes, and he would bring home flowers, but we didn't do anything special.

Now that the girls are here, I'm back in love with the holiday, but for THEM.  We did LOTS of fun V-Day stuff this year, even if they didn't know it.  

First, we sent out V-Day cards to our most special friends and family. 

Then, I found some really cute heart-shaped pillows, felt purses, plastic slinkies, and pink and purple socks in the Dollar Spot at Target.  The girls had a BALL opening their V-Day gifts yesterday morning.  I also purchased a pretty, simple garland from one of my favorite Etsy shops and hung it in Jane and Emma's room.

I love their messy little bed heads!

We also got all dressed up in V-Day gear, which was adorable (until Jane choked on her bottle and puked all over it).  

Finally, we got Daddy his annual Reese's V-Day gifts, signed a card, and asked Daddy to be our Valentine.

Jane and Emma are definitely doing much better now, and Daddy and I have a 4 day weekend, so we are working on solid foods and sleep training.  The girls have been sick for one full month, so their sleep schedules are total shit.  They sleep for 29 minutes during the day and wake each other up.  And as soon as I go in there they think it's play time.  So I've been sitting in my living room for 30 minutes now listening to them scream, squeal, cry, get hysterical, and all of the above simultaneously.  

I don't know about you guys, but I'm totes ready for spring.  I just want to be over this crap hump and into some nap times and sleepiness.  I've already started thinking about how to decorate for St. Pat's Day.  I favorited a few things in my Etsy account that I'll be saving up for over the next couple of weeks to help us usher in spring.  I couldn't be happier about that!

Thank you all so much for all of the love and support you continue to send our way.  I hope that you had a very happy Valentine's day, filled with love and chocolate!


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