Snowed In!

5:17 PM

Today is yet another snowy day here in Jersey, and Jane and Emma are FINALLY feeling better!  We still had a few weepy moments here and there today, but for the most part, they seem to really be hitting a turning point.  And, to make it even sweeter, they turned 9 MONTHS OLD TODAY!  I cannot believe it...

Since they are getting better, I knew that today was the day to break out some new activities, since we are forced to be home-bound again today (and POSSIBLY tomorrow!).  The results of my experiment were some seriously cute pics that will make you forget that.... baby, it's COLD outside!

Poor Daddy is out to finish shoveling the first round of this mess, in preparation for the next round.  Hopefully knowing that he's coming back inside to 3 smiling ladies will make it better!

Stay warm and dry out there, everyone!


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