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This week has been yet another one for the books.  Daddy came down with another stomach virus (same strain that MUTATED...ugh!!!), and the girls fought it for about a day and a half, which was fun.  My mom and I spent an entire night giving Pedialyte every 15 minutes for 4 hours until Jane and Emma could hold everything down, and then we gave them 4 whole ounces and put them to bed.  I now live in constant fear of being soaked in throw up every time one of the girls puts something in their mouths.  Awesome.

Some cool stuff happened this week, though.  Now that the virus has cleared the girls' systems, they are acquiring all types of new skills.  The organic puffs that I posted about on my Facebook page were a little hard and terrifying (for me), so I went and got them some Gerber puffs, which have been a big hit.  Emma even learned how to feed them to herself!

We gave them sippy cups for the first time this week.  

They have learned how to pull themselves up to standing, and they are dabbling in standing on their own (which has resulted in a couple of scary crash-landings, but we survived).

This one was taken just prior to Jane falling straight backwards onto her back, and pulling the walker right down on top of her.  I'm now 10 years older after hearing the crash and turning to see her lying under the walker, screaming her little face off.

They have also finally started trying some CRAWLING!  This means more independence for Jane and Emma, and less for Mama and Daddy.  Time to start baby proofing!

What babyproofing methods do you use?  We live in a small apartment with lots of fun corners and fixtures for them to smash their heads on, so I'm trying to figure out exactly how far I have to go and what products work best.

Hopefully we are all over the worst and I'll be able to post more frequently and regularly now.  We got some great weather this weekend, which made me yearn for spring even more than ever!  I am in full-blown spring/viral cleaning mode, and am beginning to purge our apartment to prepare for our biggest news of the year -- we are starting our home search!  I hope that you will all follow along as we search for a home to raise our little family in.

Have a great Monday everyone!  xoxo

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