My Kids Know When I'm Doing Something...

11:59 AM

Seriously.  No joke.  The exact moment that I decide to do ANYTHING that does not have something to do with them, they know.

I used to laugh when my mother said that I had a sixth sense for when she went into the bathroom.  It was as though I heard the door click shut and immediately had to pee/talk/wash my hands/an emergency.  To this day, when I call my mother's house, my father will answer the phone and when I ask, "Where's Mom?" his response, inevitably, is, "IN THE BATHROOM, where else?"

It's amazing.  

And now I've passed that gift on to Jane and Emma.  Lucky me.

Every time Hershey and I sit down to eat, the screaming begins.  Jane and Emma could be sleeping (literally!) and as soon as the bags with the food in them rustle, they are awake and crying/whining/screaming bloody murder.

Case #1:  Dinner time.  We try to feed the girls right before we eat.  So they eat at 5:00 and at 6:00 we try to put them in their seats or on their activity mats so that we can cook and eat.  And they are FINE!  They have the time of their lives either playing with the swingy things or watching me cook.  Until.....

Please note the angelic look on Jane's face (in the bouncy chair).  And this is just the beginning.  As you can see, Hershey has not even touched his food yet.  Once the fork hits the food, forget it, a no-holds-barred scream-fest ensues.

Case #2:  Snuggle time.  Hershey and I do not get very much time to ourselves anymore.  Our life as WE has been consumed by THEM.  Which is fine, as long as we can sneak moments here and there to still be WE.  However, this morning, at 6:06 a.m. (my alarm went off for 6 full minutes before I woke up, leading me to wonder how many of the girls' cries I may have missed in the night), I sat up and hit the alarm and got up to get bottles ready for the 6 a.m. feeding.  But there was radio silence, so Hershey pulled me back down and said, "Let's snuggle while there's no crying."  I agreed, and LITERALLY as my head touched the pillow, we heard a loud "WAH" come across the monitor.  Just one, short "wah", but enough to tell me that the twincesses were awake and wondering where the heck the alimentum was.  FML.  

I'm not sure if I can take another 33+ years of this... I like to pee in peace.

Have a great week!

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