It's All About the Bumpers, Baby!

9:11 AM


I have a problem.  My kids are MANIACS when they sleep.  They somehow manage to get their 13 pound selves all over the crib.

A gracious mommy who follows my Facebook page (link above) suggested that we put the Boppies in the cribs and let Jane and Emma sleep with their butts in the Boppies so that the Boppies hugged them throughout the night.  And IT WORKED.  Like a charm.  They now sleep much more soundly and just about through the night.

Here's the problem.

They have figured out that they can plant their feet on the Boppies and catapult themselves to the top of the crib, which results in them hitting their heads on the crib bars, sleeping with their faces in the bumpers, or turning totally sideways.  

My question is:


We have these.  I don't like them because they are 4 pieces, leaving gaps where the bars of the crib are the thickest.  Plus, when they put their faces up against them, they could suffocate, which is not conducive to MY restful sleep at night.

Since they put their faces up against the sides of the crib, I went out and bought these.  But there's not much padding for when they do their jump n' bump maneuvers in the night.

Now I'm torn between 2 evils:  
Do I let them smack their heads on the bars, or let them suffocate?  
Great choices...

I need your advice!  Please leave it in the comments below.

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Thanks in advance (or TIA as they say in the blogosphere)!!!

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