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I'm biased because I am an avid reader, but I devoured all things baby-related while I was preggers. Here is a collection of my must-reads, from books, to websites, to blogs, to apps. 

Jenny McCarthy.  Period.  Here are the books she wrote:

  • Belly Laughs.  A practical guide to pregnancy told with a biting humor that you don't want to miss.
  • Baby Laughs.  Same as above, with a view on Mommyhood.
  • Life Laughs.  All about Mommyhood and Marriage.
Baby Whisperer.  This book is a lifesaver.  From talking about breastfeeding to her E.A.S.Y. method, Tracy Hogg offers great insight into the first few weeks with baby.  You just have to get past all of the "mum" talk!

What to Expect When You're Expecting. I consider this book a STAPLE.  Track your baby's development throughout your pregnancy with this classic book all about your baby bump.  Watch the movie, too, while you're pregnant.  It's a little cutesy, but you'll definitely find that you can relate!

When You're Expecting Twins.  I took this book out of the library hoping that it would be the twin version of What to Expect (see above).  It was better!  If you're expecting multiples, GET THIS BOOK!  It comes complete with a postpartum diet and exercise regimen to follow to help you shrink that giant baby bump that you proudly carried your little team of love around in for many months.

How to Rock Your Baby.  This book offers a compilation of advice tidbits from experienced mommies, which is my favorite part.  There are anecdotes and bullet points, and you will find advice that your mother would give on everything from what to pack in your hospital bag (I'll be blogging more about this later) to how to burp your baby.

Little Baby Garvin.  This blog was not only my inspiration, but a lifeline for me while I was pregnant, and still is!  Plus she has a great name (Jessica).  She blogs about everything from recipes to adorable pictures of her daughter.  A MUST READ!
The Bump.  If you don't know what this website is, then go back under your rock!  The sister site to, sign up for a free account and watch as your baby meets milestones, find checklists for everything from your baby registry to how to be nice to yourself during pregnancy, and tips on how to keep the romance in your marriage when all you talk about is baby.  You can also create a baby website to share updates with loved ones (here's ours).  There's also a free app!

Baby Center App (My Pregnancy Today).  Use this free app to track your pregnancy day-by-day.  I visited this app daily, and the message boards saved my life (and stole my sleep) many, many times!

What to Expect App.  The companion app to the amazing book and movie, this app will help you to know what to expect, and to find foods that you can and cannot eat, and track the growth of your baby.  Not as personalized as the Baby Center app, but still a good read.

Hope this list helps to keep you busy for a while!  See you again soon!

Happy twinning!

Pregnancy swag, at 27 weeks, for your viewing pleasure. 

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