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As you can tell by the fact that I'm posting a blog on a Saturday night, it's another disgusting exciting weekend here in the Groff household.  We are up to our eyeballs in snot and warm mist humidifiers.  

Koala Patchwork Baby Blanky (discontinued - similar here)

We have had a horrendous stroke of luck over the past couple of years health-wise.  We are quickly approaching the 2 year anniversary of finding out we were preggers, and I can only remember a handful of times in the past 2 years that we have all felt good simultaneously.  I was sick throughout my pregnancy, Jane and Emma were born 2 months premature and Janey needed surgery 2 days after she was born, and then the RSV and stomach viruses hit, and now we've all been passing around the dreaded DAY CARE COLD since the girls started day care.

The worst part is, everyone has the same advice:  
They're just going to have coughs and runny noses until the spring, and then next year they won't go through it again.  
They're building up antibodies, that's a good thing.  
Honey for the cough, Tylenol for the body aches/sore throats, lots of fluids, warm steam humidifiers - nothing else you can do.

Every time someone gives me the same advice I want to scream. Can ANYONE offer some DIFFERENT advice?  Pretty pwease??

Poor little Emmy feels so yucky that she actually climbed up on the couch and fell asleep in her Daddy's arms today.

I love the choopiehanginoutofdamouth.  So so adorbs.

And I don't know about you, but I am scared crapless about this Enterovirus D68 thing that's going around!  But every time I voice my concern, the person I'm talking to looks at me like I have 9 heads.  Is anyone else freaking out as much as I am????  Every time one of my kids coughs I cringe and I am up all night long checking on them, putting a hand on their little chests to make sure they are rising and falling and no one is struggling.

The good news is that the girls are still fever-free and eating everything in sight.  They are lapping up the apple juice, and learning new things in leaps in bounds.  Yesterday, I taught Janey how to say "More please" although it sounds more like "mo pa" which is fine, the message is coming across.  And today, we practiced blowing our noses!

She even marches it to the garbage can like she is on a VIP mission and throws it in the can and then claps enthusiastically.

And Emma has learned the dreaded N-O word.  Everything I ask her to do is "nooo" or "NOOOO" or the even more fun "NONONONONONOOOO!"  She says it so much that Jane follows her around the living room saying, "Emma NOOO" and waiving her finger at her.  

Emma has also started doing laps like it is her JOB.

I'm not sure what she's so excited about, but if she's excited, I'm one excited Mama.  

Hope you are all snot-free this weekend!  xoxo

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