Chatty Little Pumpkins

9:41 PM

Ok, ok.  I owe you an apology.  A whole MONTH has gone by, and I haven't been able to get around to writing a blog post!  In my defense, we have friends who say that we are like skunks - disappear in the fall, all over the place all summer long - and it's totally true.  Shut your mouth about the smelly part....

This month has been pure insanity, guys, so THANK YOU, so much, to those of you who have stuck with us.  I've been trying to update Facebook and Instagram, but my cell phone keeps running out of storage is what happens when you're out making plans.  And so it's gone.

We went back to school the first week of September, and the girls started day care at the same time.  They have been snot factories ever since, and after 2 doctor visits ($40 later), we have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will be covered in a thin film of slime from now until May, and then we'll be able to move on.

We also finished the mud room in our house.  After LOTS and lotsandlotsandlotsandlots of spackle, we painted the room and I even went a little Pinterest happy on the steps (see my love affair with home projects in my former post).  The really fun part about this project?  The part where we realized that the color that we bought was completely different than the color that we thought we were getting when we were 7/8 of the way done with the paint job.  Oy vey.  I had to hear a lot of "I TOLD YOU IT WAS PINK" talk (that's what you get when you send the color blind chick to the store, aka moi) as we re-painted and finished up with the CORRECT color.  Anything to get rid of the scratch up, nicked up, diarrhea color.

We have also had a couple of serious chatterboxes on our hands.  We are starting to have to really watch what we're saying around Jane and Emma, which, if you know teachers, is turning out to be harder than I could have ever imagined.  I swear, teachers are the biggest potty-mouths out there!  But the twincesses are repeating EVERYTHING now...

They are also imitating everything:

I caught Emma reading this book in a rare moment where the hair on the back of my neck stood up because I was in the kitchen with Jane and Emma was in the living room - ALONE - and was dead quiet.

Typically the silence means that something more like THIS is happening these days:

Yes, they are totes tall enough to get up on the couch on their own now.

But they are also really starting to play together (and get into trouble together) and even though Hershey and I say the word "no" more than we say anything else in a day, and even more so because we are high school teachers, they have become INDEPENDENT WOMEN and are off to the races doing things their way or the highway.  Which also means a lot of bumps, bruises, and hysterical crying.

The great news about this past month was that I was able to sneak out for a little Mama's night out action with my BFF.  We went to see LUKE HOTTYPANTS BRYAN!  I'll pause to wait until you can see through the jealousy.  It was so much fun, and he was so good.  My mother-in-law came to help my hubs with the kids, and I was on the next train to the hottest cowboy around.  We met at a concert, and we haven't been to a concert together since before her daughter was born soooooo 5 years???!!!  CRAY!!!  

Now, that's MY kind of night!

Hope that you are all enjoying this sweet autumn weather so far.  We're hoping to get some pumpkin picking in soon, although we have a VERY busy October ahead of us.  I'm going to be trying to dig out our Halloween deco, although I DID get a jump start last weekend on our TV credenza.  I also hit up Trader Joe's for some pumpkin muffin mix and pumpkin waffles and pumpkin pancake mix and ... well, you get the idea.


Thanks again for sticking around, and for all of your sweet and thoughtful comments.  I've been having trouble commenting back, but I promise that I read and appreciate every single word you send our way.

Have a pumpkinny weekend everyone!


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