Tornado Twins

1:29 PM

Well, another month has gone by and I have barely had a chance to BREATHE let alone sit down to write a blog post.  The last month has been a true trial of love and extreme patience.

First of all, the girls have been SICK SICK SICK.  They both had bronchiolitis, which if you remember from January, we are right back to the inhalers like we were with the RSV.  Luckily we have dodged stomach viruses (for now).  However, Emma had an ear infection 2 weeks ago, and now Janey is on the verge of one.  Oy.

We have also been trying to catch up with family and friends, as we have been literally imprisoned in our home for 2 months because of sicknesses.  Hershey was sick, I was sick, and the girls have been Sick.  Whew.  We are ready for a break.

Trying to keep the girls busy and entertained while they are sick is proving to be a challenge.  I mean, how do you explain to a one year old that they are sick and need to stay inside, warm and cozy, so that they don't get worse?  There's just no way.  So we've been using our imaginations...

As you can see by our beautiful sectional sofa behind them, Jane and Emma have started a climbing stint.  A couple of weeks ago, Jane went right over the arm of the sofa onto her head on the hard wood floor.  I think I lost a couple of years off of my life on that day, and now we have to find creative ways to keep them off of the couch.  I am now raising puppies. Hmpf.  

And just to prove that I am raising puppies, Daddy decided to keep the girls occupied one day while I was making lunch to keep them out of the oven, off of the couch, and out from under my feet.  The results were frightening...

As you can see, it all went downhill very quickly.

Last weekend, we got to see Hershey's sister and brother-in-law (the girls' godparents).  It was a much-needed visit with them, since we haven't seen them since the summer and we missed them so-so-much.  The girls have been getting quicker to warm up to people who they haven't seen in a while, so they had a great time playing with all of Hershey and Heather's old toys with their aunt and uncle and Grandma and "Papa".  Adorable.

Today and tomorrow, we have a much-needed break -- HOORAY FOR TEACHERS' CONVENTION!  Although, I don't know how much of a break it is for Hershey and I.  Hershey is sick (again), and the girls are in rare form.  This morning, we got up at 6:30, and I made them a BIG breakfast, which they proceeded to throw all over the dining room softball style.  They then fought and pushed and shoved each other for about half an hour, at which point I brought them upstairs and let them tear the bathroom apart so that I could shower.  Story hour came next, and when we got home, they fought and stood on chairs until I served them lunch, at their big girl table...

This adorb-ness lasted precisely long enough for me to take these pictures, because immediately after this, that handful of peas that Jane is holding went onto the floor.

The one lovely thing about the past 8 weeks is that we got to thoroughly enjoy the fall foliage on our property.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL where we live, with all of the mountains and lakes.  I even made an attempt at decorating our front doorstep, although we never got to carve our pumpkins since we were all sick the week of Halloween!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am totally ready to kick this holiday season off!  We may have even already read How the Grinch Stole Christmas with the girls once or twice.  We are hosting Christmas this year (the first time my husband will EVER get to just stay home for his birthday!), so we are now in a mad dash to try to finish the last of our really big home improvement projects by then, all while suffering from constant runny noses and coughs.  Nothing that a little Hug Machine can't cure.

Sorry for the SUPER long post.  Hopefully I'll be able to get on to keep you updated more often, which will mean shorter posts!

Happy holiday season kick-off everyone!  xoxo

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