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When I first started blogging, I read through my fair share of mommy blogs.  One of the things that I loved the MOST about the mommy blogs I read was the home tours.  I love seeing how different mommies style their homes and stealing ideas.  The only problem was that this was the one post I couldn't imitate, as we lived in a crappy two bedroom apartment.  I mean, who the heck wants to look at shit piled on top of shit?!

In June, I shared with you all that we had recently purchased a home.  It is the home of our dreams.  I lived in apartments for 10 LOOONG years (6 of those years with Hershey), so I was more than ready to settle down, especially with Jane and Emma beginning to walk around.

We fell in love with this split level on a long lot the moment we walked through the doors.  The major improvements were done (2 full bathrooms, a fully updated kitchen, new roof and siding), but we knew that we still had our work cut out for us.  

After a long (and often painful) process, we closed on our home.  We put together a punch list of items that we wanted to update or improve (over 100 items long), and got to work once school let out!  Two weeks ago, we finished the main level.  We are missing some artwork in obvious places, but I wanted to at least share with you some results!

When thinking about how to photograph rooms, I was pretty clueless.  I did some research, and the professional photographers all had the same thing to say:  Clear the clutter, photograph the rooms as if you are sitting inside of them.  

Here's the thing.  When I look at other mommy bloggers' home tours, I always think to myself, How does she keep her house so effing CLEAN!?!  

So in the interest of saving your sanity, I decided to photograph my main level as it is - toys and all.  Of course, I cleared some clutter.  I cleaned off the dining room table, which is the catchall in the house, and I picked up the toys off of the floor.  But I didn't vacuum, I didn't mop, I didn't wipe the little baby fingerprints off of any of the appliances.  I moved a couple of dingy looking towels, but otherwise, this is what our house looks while the kids are snoozing.

I think this is my favorite room in the house, as this is not only where we spend the most time as a family, but it also has these beautiful French doors overlooking the backyard, which we open when it's nice out.  It gives us the joy of eating outside even though we are somewhat sheltered from the mosquitoes.

We are missing a piece of artwork on the back wall, but I am hoping that once we have our family portraits done in September we can rectify that!

Curtains from West Elm 
Dining Set and Wine Bar (discontinued) from Bob's Furniture Stores
High Chairs from Ikea

My second favorite place in the house, I spend a LOT of time in here.  I have been trying to make it more baby friendly lately -- I purchased some plastic cups and bowls from Ikea and I got a step stool (which I'm working on painting and staining) so that the girls could climb up and see what I'm prepping and also wash their hands in the sink after their meals.  

As you can see, we have SOMEWHAT baby proofed.  The girls were in and out of the drawers and cabinets for the first week we were here.  I installed these so that they can't open the cabinets (I also put one on the garbage can), and Hershey installed these in the cabinets, which I LOVE because you can't see them and they aren't hard for ME to get into!

I am also currently having a love affair with my fridge, which we purchased at Lowe's after the one that the house came with leaked all over the floor and caused some water damage in the man cave right above our brand new TV.

This was DEFINITELY the hardest room to photograph.  It is FULL of stuff everywhere.  The couch is OLD but it's the first couch Hershey and I bought together and I LOVE IT!!!  I also loved choosing the paint for this room, and had so much fun painting with Hershey during nap times.  The room used to be diarrhea brown, so this was a HUGE improvement!

Toy Bin - Threshold for Target
Live, Laugh, Love photo collage from BedBath and Beyond
Curtains - West Elm (here and here)
TV Stand - Bob's Furniture Store
Leaning Shelves - The Container Store
Step Stool - Ikea

Hope you enjoyed our main level home tour!  We are heading upstairs next to work on Jane and Emma's rooms, so I'll be back with another tour once that's all completed.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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