All Caught Up!

9:40 PM

Yesterday we took the twincesses for their 15 month check up.  Along with (count them, we did) THREE shots each, we were given the news that the girls are ALL CAUGHT UP developmentally.  WOOT! No more preemie charts!

Here's the scoop on our favorite little poopers:


Measurements (as of August 25)
Weight:  20 lbs 14 oz
Height:  30"  
Head size:  48.8 cm (99th percentile! LOTS OF BRAINS!)
Diaper size:  4/5
Clothing Size:  18-24 months
Teeth:  34,803 (got them all while on vacation)
Bottles:  Nope.
Fave foods:  chicken nuggies, peas and carrots, any/all fruits
Fave toys:  Still Daddy's iPhone 5; any remote; the play kitchen that I bought the girls when I realized how much time they were spending under my feet in the kitchen!
Favorite thing(s) to do:  Watch Sesame Street and clap for the singers; dance; play in her "kitchen"; 
smack pet the kitties; throw all of her lunch off of her plate and onto the floor - sometimes 
breakfast and dinner, too!
Least favorite thing to do:  be strapped into her car seat - she makes this crazy grunting 
noise for the first 5 minutes in it
Major Milestones for This Month:  TOOFS, a little bang trim, and TWO peepees on the POTTY!!!!!!!


Measurements (as of August 25)
Weight:  20 lbs 14 oz (same exact weight as Jane!)
Height:  30.75"  
Head size:  48.2 cm (96th percentile!)
Diaper size:  4/5
Clothing Size:  18-24 months
Teeth:  34,802 (got them all while on vacation)
Bottles:  Nope.
Fave foods:  pb&fluff on whole wheat Ritz crackers, corn, blueberries
Fave toys:  this Hape Color and Shape Sorter; Fisher Price Cookie Jar (she's really good at getting the shapes in the right holes!); and the play kitchen 
Favorite thing(s) to do:  Watch Sesame Street, especially Elmo's World; dance; sort shapes; SPIN!

Least favorite thing to do:  get changed on the changing table - I'm about ready to throw that thing out the window
Major Milestones for This Month:  TOOFS, a little bang trim, and lots of words (hot, hiney, Jane, more, moo, HI DAD, Mama)!!!!!!!

As you can see, any attempts that I make at putting their hair in pigtails usually goes awry.  I'll just keep trying.

American Plastic Toy Deluxe Custom Kitchen 
It's a little bit flimsy, but that's good because when the girls pull it down on themselves, it doesn't hurt, just scares the everlivingshit out of them (and me!).  We'll get them a nice Pottery Barn Kids one when they get a little bit older, and hopefully less rambunctious!

This month has been full of new friends and experiences, play dates, and a multi-city tour of many, many playgrounds.  These girls are busy with a capital B.  My head is spinning just thinking about all that we've done.  I can't believe that we are back to school one week from today.

A big special thanks to my hair stylist, Sara, for putting up with us at the Beauty Lounge in Westwood today.  She is seriously the sweetest, most patient person EVER, and she gave my babies their very first hair trim.  Emma was a little cranky from a lack of nap today, but Jane just marched around the salon, watching as Sara washed my hair and inspecting all of the shampoos, just like a little girly-girl.  It was THE best.  

The finished bang-trim product can be found on my Instagram page.  Follow me to see the pics!  Or you can like my Facebook page to see all of the pictures from my Instagram account, along with frequent updates and some great mommy discussions!

We're getting ready for some pretty big changes around here.  I can't wait to share all that we've done with all of you!  Thank you all for being so sweet and understanding, and for continuing to follow us on this crazy journey of ours.  You're all AWESOME!

Lots of love for the rest of your week!  xoxo

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