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Happy MLK Day!  I LOVE three day weekends!  And what better way to spend the day than to hang out with my little chicas all day long (while doing laundry and making baby food, of course!).  

Last week, we met a major milestone.  On January 13, Jane and Emma were officially on the outside for as long as they were on the inside (32 weeks, read our birth story here)!  Here are some of their stats:

Measurements (as of Nov. 26)
Weight:  14 lbs 2 oz  Height:  25"  Head size:  44.2 cm
Diaper size:  4 (with some bagginess)
Clothing Size:  4-6 months (she can wear 9 months, but they're baggy)
Fave foods:  Anything with chicken, apples, mangoes, blueberries
Fave toys:  Her exersaucer (of course), Puppy, this remote control, books, 
Favorite thing to do:  Snuggle with Mama and take a bath
Least favorite thing to do:  Get strapped into her car seat, which is a close second only to sitting in traffic while being strapped into her car seat, getting dressed, or NAPPING!
Major Milestones for This Month:  Rolling onto her belly, eating chunkier solid foods, and holding her own bottle (when she's feeling like an independent woman, she still prefers we hold it for her while telling her she's pretty)

Measurements (as of Nov. 26)
Weight:  15 lbs 5 oz  Height:  25"  Head size:  44 cm 
(even though it looks twice the size of Jane's!)
Diaper size: 4
Clothing Size:  6-12 months and 9 months
Fave foods:  apples, blueberries, fish, but she literally loves ANYTHING I put in front of her -- I think she's going to be a foodie like Mama and Daddy!
Fave toys:  Her exersaucer (see a pattern?), stacking rings, Sassy rings, and Daddy
Favorite thing to do:  "Walk" around the apartment, get raspberries from Daddy, rough house, "pet" the cats, and watch sports
Least favorite thing to do:  Sit and wait for dessert after dinner, sit still in general
Major Milestone for This Month:  Emma has started to figure out how to military crawl.  She spends a lot of time on her face, which leads to rug burn on her face (thank goodness for Aquafor!), but she can move herself from point A to point B, even if it takes a little bit of time (and a couple of kitty-petting detours).

This month has been the coolest so far because their little personalities are really developing, and they are more mobile.  They can also sit up on their own (and face plant into the floor on their own), which makes them a bit more autonomous, and they are so happy and proud of themselves when they are sitting up on the floor all by themselves playing with their toys.  They love exploring the world around them -- they are constantly touching things, throwing things, tasting things, and squealing at things.  I am just so in love with them, and with this stage of their lives.

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