Weekly Round Up

6:55 PM

I know I promised this last week, but between grades and lesson plans being due, parent meetings, Jane and Emma teething, and the holidays approaching, time ran away from me! So here's an Extra Special Big Fat Weekly Round Up. 

Emma's First - Discovery that she could bounce in her Exersaucer. The video is dark and Law and Order is blaring in the background, but you get the point. 

Jane's First - Day out with Mama! We took a little trip to Babies R Us to pick up some storage containers so that I can make their food ahead of time and freeze it. I've been obsessed with them and have been talking about them ad nauseum and they're finally mine! And Janey was such a good girl in the store, it made me super proud to be her mama. 

Hershey's Favorite - Meal planning has been going great! We stuck to the menus perfectly 2 weeks in a row! Hershey's fave dish was the Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups that I made. Extra added bonus that I figured out is that our monthly grocery bill is lower when I shop weekly. And now that I have my handy baby food storage system, I won't have to waste that 5 lb. bag of carrots that I bought on Peapod by mistake! 

Mama's Realization - I have a love/hate relationship with the girls' choopies. They need them to fall asleep during nap time, and it helps them to fall asleep quickly, BUT, 13 seconds later it falls out and they start screaming. When will they be able to find it and put it back in their OWN mouths?! The 3:00 am choopie search party is the worst. 

(Yes, that's right, I drew devil horns on the choopie.  That's what it looks like when I think of it!)

High Point - The girls slept through the night last Friday AND Saturday night! I woke up Saturday and Sunday scared that they had somehow escaped their cribs, but we got 7 glorious hours of sleep in a row both nights! 

Low Point - Jane threw up so much on both me and her today that I had to strip us both and climb into the tub with her for some Mama-Janey bath time. I'm pretty sure that the Motrin we have been giving the girls for their teething has been upsetting their stomachs, so we backed off of Motrin AND solid foods for a few days. We have a check up with our pediatrician tomorrow, and I have lots of questions lined up! 

Teething much?

Favorite Moment - Visiting baby Ryan, watching the first snow fall on my best friends' back porch with all of our children gathered around us (4 between the 2 families), and realizing that 11:30 pm is too late for a mama of twins to go to bed! 

(Picture pending...)

Hershey, the twins, and I are all fighting off our first seasonal cold, so hopefully we will be able to get it together for Thanksgiving! 

What were some of your firsts, realizations, high points and low points from this week? I'd love to hear from you! 

This week I will be writing my very first sponsored blog post, and hosting my first giveaway on the site! Stay tuned for details! 

Have a great week! Xoxo

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