4 Months (and counting...)

2:53 PM

Happy Football Sunday Funday!  Not so fun for us, as we are watching the Giants SUCK again, and we are working on about 3 hours of sleep because we are transitioning the girls into their cribs (more on that in a later post).  

I figured that since they will be FIVE months old soon, I should get up their 4 month pictures.  

We had a lot of fun trying to capture their adorb-ness.  They're getting so big and squirmy, it wasn't easy!

Emma's onesie is by Old Navy
Thanks to my good friend and colleague, Colleen, for the BEAUTIFUL handmade blanket!

Jane's onesie is by H&M

Action shot.

Shout out to Sweet Caroline Crafts for the INCREDIBLE AMAZING leg warmers (like her Facebook page), and to Doodlebug Prints for the milestone stickers.

And just as a quick reminder, here's what the girls USED to look like.  Look at how far my little jelly munchkins have come! 

Have a great Sunday, and I hope your team does better than mine!  

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