Feeding Hour at the Zoo

12:15 AM

Yesterday, my best friend of 11 years and I made plans to meet at Van Saun Park.  I packed up the twins and about 47 pounds of shit and drove the 10 minutes to meet her there with my godson and nephew.

The twins were obviously not impressed by the various animal exhibits, but my nephews had a blast, and my bff and I got some much-needed mommy/girlfriend time.  Sitting in my house taking care of two newborns for 3 months made me forget how much I love spending time with my GIRLFRIENDS!

Some things that I absolutely NEEDED and could not have lived without yesterday.

1.  My diaper bag, along with the handy portable changing pad.

2.  Portable ready to feed formula.

3.  My awesome amazing stroller (I talked about this in a previous post).

4.  Johnson & Johnson Hand and Face Wipes.  Lots of germy kids around there!

5.  The parent console that is sold separately from my stroller. Seriously.
Jayden (godson), Jayce, Jane, and Emma.
Poor Emmy, the only non-J name of the day (my bestie's name is Jenny).
Jane woke up for about 14 seconds to show off this adorable outfit.

Have a great HUMP DAY!  Happy twinning!

Our 3 favorite girls on their activity mat.

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